About us

Founded on the basis of honesty and offering solutions to individuals with a poor credit rating, Wales Loans continues to exceed expectations of our customers in the UK. Since inception, we have been actively involved in offering professional assistance, create awareness about bad credit logbook loans, as well as guide our customers on the importance of making an informed decision while taking out a logbook loan. It doesn’t matter what the state of your credit rating is or how many times you’ve been declined for a loan by financial institutions. At Wales Loans, our main objective is to ensure that we assist you in the quickest time possible to get out of any financial crisis you are in.

We educate, empower, enlighten and ensure that the decision you finally make is anchored on the correct and truthful information that we furnish you with. Our customer personnel are our first point of contact with our customers and you can expect professional services, honesty and a team dedicated towards ensuring that you get the best logbook loan deal.